PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Download

PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

As you all will be aware of the game PUBG which stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has become one of the most playing games in India. Many updates have come so far in this game and it had set a record of 1,342,857 Players online at once. In this post we will talk about PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode which includes zombie mode, new weather called Moonlight to Vikendi.

PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode: PUBG has released its update of zombie mode along with some additional features. The zombie mode has given the name survive till dawn, it is a survival mode which changes its weather from day to night and at night you will face a gang of zombies along with the enemies of Resident Evil 2. It is a limited time event, it will hardly exist for a few weeks or a month.

You can download PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode from various sources and of one the famous platform is Tencent Gaming Buddy.

As PUBG Mobile partners with Resident Evil 2 for PUBG Mobile New Update [0.11.0], the game features Resident Evil 2 theme and also the background music. The zombie mode includes fighting with enemies of Resident Evil 2 like Licker and the boss Tyran and at the same time looking out for other players i.e in this you have to fight zombies as well as other players.

The Zombie mode is a time limit mode, so, hurry up and play it.

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At Last

So, this article was all about the new update – PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode.

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