MG Hector(Morris Garages) – Review and Price


MG Hector(Morris Garages)

MG Hector(Morris Garages), well it is a British automobile company. Owned by SAIC, well MG is all set to launch its product in India, according to the report, it is said that it will be built at MGs new plant in Halol, Gujrat and is expected to get a localization level of 75 percent.


The new SUV is all set to make some huge positioning in the market, well it is also the INDIA’S FIRST 48v HYBRID SUV, will this SUV works on the combination of petrol and electric drive, its 48V battery-powered system increases the fuel economy by12% and reduces co2 by 11%pec.

This SUV is fully based on technology which drives the MG HECTOR, well it is fully remote controlled vehicle like ignition on/off,AC on/off, sunroof, door lock/unlock, well all this is controlled by the mobile app,well it has got the voice assistant,if we talk about the safety features it has got 6 airbags, rear disc breaks, hill holding facility,360 DEGREE camera view.

itsmytechThis SUV comes with leather seats, It got 10.4INCH HD touch screen system with which you can control the car as well, there are more pretty good features like rain sensing wipers, auto headlamps, cruise control. The company has said that it will launch in June 2019in India, well if talk about the price tag it will be between INR 12.70 Lakh to INR 16.26 Lakh.

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At Last

So this article was all about the Review and Price of new upcoming SUV named as MG-HECTOR. Let me know your view about this SUV in the comment section.

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